MyDiscountBiz was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who saw the substantial lack in the retail service industry. Many retailers end up trying to build their own stores and service them but unfortunately the lack of industry knowledge and research leads to a huge gap in life and creates a burden on small retail businesses.MyDiscountBiz was established in order fill the gap that retailers have. With over 20 years of retail experience and business development MyDiscountBiz can provide retailers with the ability to develop small to large scale store from scratch that includes Dollar/Discount Store,

Smoke Shop and to a much larger stores like Convenient Stores, by providing a complete Services from location to merchandise and to your first sale. Retail business is one of the leading businesses in the small to medium industry. This industry have the business like Dollar store (99Cent), Discount Store, Minimart, Smoke Shop (Tobacco shop), Convenient store, cellular store etc. All these stores you can open as per your interest, capital and location. You may get your own business up and running with a least capital like $15000.00 and up. We will provide you complete services to start your own business. Our services includes finding the location, lease negotiation, business layout, store lay-out, product layout etc. We build your own business by providing you step by step guidance throughout the development of your business. We study and analyzed all aspect of the business including demographic, geographic research to make your business successful. We also examine your total cost of the project and develop the feasibility of the business. We give you the feasibility by three months of first year.

Get Train for Successful Growth:

At MyDiscountBiz we put together a comprehensive training program, whether you are just starting out or have been in the retail business for years, you will find our training program invaluable.  MyDiscountBiz takes great pride in educating our franchisees’ in making sure that they have the knowledge to ensure that their business is successful.

Our Retail Training Program:

  • Retailer 101: Learn what every retailer needs to know!
  • Marketing: Learn how to market your business.
  • Inventory: Learn what retailers need to know about inventory. How to place it so it sells!
  • Customer Service:  How to handle difficult customers with superior service.
  • How to Communicate Under pressure : How to never look distracted or argue in front of customers
  • Accounting & Books: Retail Wholesale has access to the top leading CPA firms around. They will help guide you in every step to ensure that your business is never overpaying in taxes and all of your reporting is done correctly.